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        2017Fujian (Jinjiang) International Sewing Equipment Exhibition

        添加時間:2017-3-14 10:20:56 來源:www.sewworld.com
                Activity date: 2017-08-16 - 2017-08-18 

                Venue: Jinjiang SM International Exhibition Center, Fujian  

                Sponsor: China Council for the promotion of international trade Jinjiang branch, Jinjiang economic and Trade Bureau 

                Website: www.Ruihongexpo.com 
                Exhibition introduction:

                Held at the same time: Quanzhou (Jinjiang) International Textile and garment industry technology exhibition

                Sponsor: China Council for the promotion of international trade Jinjiang branch, Jinjiang economic and Trade Bureau

                Organizer: Hongkong New International Exhibition Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Rui Hong Exhibition Service Co. Ltd.

                Exhibition overview:

                Textile and garment industry base - strong demand - unlimited business opportunities

                Quanzhou, Jinjiang, Shishi, Changle, Xiamen since 2010 has been rated as "at the beginning of China textile industry base, China shoes, casual clothing, sportswear Chinese Town Town, Chinese Town, Chinese Chinese underwear trousers Town, world jacket", has been formed from spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, garment production one-stop complete industrial chain. Manufacturing industry in the Fujian Strait clothing shoes, hats, bags and handbags industry occupies a pivotal position in the country, sewing equipment has been widely used in clothing, footwear, leather goods, hats, handbags and other industries. This exhibition will attract international well-known brands have appeared, and 100 blessing, heavy machine, Pegasus, and big brother, Rick, and Kai Xiang, Gao Lin, Maipi, Weijie, Tajima, Behringer and other brands exhibited a variety of new products, new technologies and new ideas. China's mainland standards, SGSB, ZOJE, gem, Tongyu, and eagle, Huigong factory, Hao, three visa, electrical and other key enterprises and international brand together to optimize the garment industry transformation and upgrading of equipment, and help enterprises.

               With the annual output value of over ten million yuan of clothing enterprise 6833, ultra billion yuan of 853 enterprises, and has, Shenzhen, Han Jiang Ying Lin, four garment town scenery. Quanzhou textile and garment enterprises in Jinjiang nearly more than 12 thousand, Shishi has more than 6 thousand and 700 textile and garment production enterprises, the output value of more than one hundred billion yuan. As a new textile industry base, the main demand for all kinds of sewing equipment, and showed an increasing trend. The annual session of the sewing equipment industry event - China Quanzhou (Jinjiang) International Sewing Equipment Exhibition (referred to as the "Haixi First International Sewing Equipment Exhibition"), will be held August 16, 2017 -18 in Quanzhou Jinjiang SM International Exhibition center. This exhibition will be a "mechanical substitution, advocate the green and sustainable mode of production, upgrade as the theme of the transformation of power enterprise automation reform, continue to provide a stage to show top automatic sewing equipment for enterprises on the west side of the straits!

               This exhibition will focus on the sewing, sewing, sewing equipment industry, such as the latest technology and fashion trends, attracting 15000 professional buyers to visit the procurement.